Our products and services are strategically designed to help you build an irresistible personal brand using digital tools so that you can increase your influence, make more money and impact lives.


12 Weeks to build an irresistible personal brand

It’s not easy to establish a reputable personal brand online while working on building your business, products, and services. You should be in the trenches working on the foundation of your business. That’s where I come in.

This is a twelve week private one-on-one private online coaching program, where we work together to re-invent your personal brand.

During the twelve week period, we will work together to:

  •   Evaluate your existing perceived brand online
  •   Understand your core message
  •   Identify, create and launch a product 
  •   Build your first 100 comunity members
  •   Identify opportunities to amplify your personal brand

As a result of this coaching program, you will experience a total transformation and you finally get to enjoy the benefits of a loyal community, product and platform domination.


How will you like to emerge as an authorithy and a force to reckon with in your field? 

I bet the answer is great! Picture this: 

  • Your voice is finally recognised and respected
  • Your opinion is being sort in your field 
  • You have products that people will love to purchase and study 
  • You finally get to impact lives and take care of those that matter to you
  • You are invited to speak or take part in important events 
  • Your business is growing because people love you and want to be a part of whatever you create

and so much more…

Emerge is a physical 6 hour session where I dissect the principles of launching your personal brand and show you practical steps on how you can unapologetically dominate your industry.  



BCONFEST is an exclusive community of extraordinary personalities who converge to connect, grow and learn from the finest leaders around the world. This event is invite-only and takes place once a year in an exotic location. This event is for change-makers and visionaries in various industries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more.

Bconfest is held in an exotic location where you’ll receive powerful life changing lessons, bio-hacking techniques, profound mind shifts, deep and lifelong connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and expand your game. Call this a vacation, retreat, event, getaway, festival, conference, one thing is sure: you cannot remain the same after the bconfest experience.

Consider this an escape route to refresh from the hustle and bustle of work, the need to have more human connection, to see people’s expressions and rub minds, talk over dinner, a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream has turned to a global movement to help other high impact individuals to get more from life. Bconfest is a way to overcome loneliness and to find an excuse to step away from the daily grind so you can get inspired and excited about life.