Who Is A Virtual Assistant?

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A virtual assistant is someone who offers support services to businesses. A ‘VA’ as they are popularly called can handle different aspects that keep your business operating smoothly. Virtual assistants work remotely from their own location, hence the name “virtual,” and can be based anywhere in the world.

As a virtual assistant, you MUST be reliable. This is the first and the essential skill you must have.

You must also have the following skills but not limited to:

– Good communication skill
– Time management skill,
– Manage expectations and instil confidence
– Add value
– Be organised
– Be accessible
– Be approachable
– Be versatile
– Be a problem solver
– Be self-motivated
– Learn to multitask especially if you have multiple clients.
– Improve your skill to serve your clients better

The more experienced you become as a virtual assistant, the more you can charge. Virtual assistants charge hourly rates and it differs with start price from N3000 per hour.

Different jobs can be outsourced to you from social media management, managing emails, blog posting, community management, client follow up, calls, responding to comments, designing graphics, bookkeeping, online researches, database entries, data presentations, scheduling, booking flights, etc

To get started, outline the current skill set that you have.
– Determine how much time it will get you to do it.
– Decide the niche you will love to work in
– Determine if this will be full time or part-time.
– Decide how many clients you will want to work with per month
– Determine projected expenses and income.
– Determine where your potential clients are.
– Don’t forget the legal works.
– Reach out to some individuals who may need your services.
– Join niche communities to network and get seen.
– Testimonials are important. So get testimonials from your current clients.
– Optimise all your social media profile so people can easily identify what you do.
– Always be visible 24-7
– Make it very easy to reach you.

It is important that you constantly improve yourself to get better.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you like the job of a virtual assistant?

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    March 6, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Good morning Joy,
    Nice post you have here…had to sign up-to your email list.
    I have been researching about VA jobs especially in Nigeria.
    Can you suggest any links or firm where I can apply. I can’t find any valuable information online.

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