Taking Stock

Taking Stock – January 2018

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Making: sure that the funnels I set up are working! I’m setting funnels for Social Media Faculty and also for the summit coming in June. More details soon!

Drinking: lots of water. I appreciate how it feels in and out to feel good.

Reading: Pivot – How to reinvent your life and career by Adam Markel. I also read The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish and Launch by Jeff Walker.

Wanting: 3 ring lights, a fourth tripod, a mobile device, a mevo camera, a PC or Mac (I won’t mind), an email software. I am a gadget girl. Don’t blame the techie in me.

Playing: Ekwueme by Prosper. Been holding on to God’s word and believing it will come to pass.

Wasting: nothing!

Wishing: I could take a long rest say three months. I see it happening this year though and I honestly can’t wait.

Enjoying: the business juice. I have been privileged to meet with two businesses – Jay and Toys and FlirtyFitness.

Liking: the opportunities that have come my way. I contribute once to the Presidential Hustle UK – Post 1 and Post 2. You’ll love it. I also got to attend a training my Facebook and Digivate 360. This all happened in January and I’m grateful.

Wondering: if you are having a great year. Your best life is here.

Loving: the idea of organising a summit. It is almost like organising an event. A bit draining but totally worth it. I can’t wait to explore fully.

Hoping: that this year brings all the blessings, joy, good health, life and happiness it can. We will work towards all our goals and achieve them.

Remembering: Ephesians 3:20 and Matthew 6:33.

Smelling: the dust from the harmattan.

Wearing: an old three-quarter trouser and a tee shirt from my defunct brand, Ollie creation.

Noticing: that everyone keeps telling me ‘This year is the year o. Make sure he comes so we can drink and merry’. Who else is waiting to get over this pressure?

Knowing: that my dear future husband is fine where he is and hey, I have to wait so he can do what he has to do.

Thinking: of possible countries, I will love to travel to because issa goal this year.

Creating: courses for students in SMF.

Bookmarking: bit.ly/smfschool

Opening: a product I once created but never talked about. Hopefully, I will revisit it soon.

Giggling: at the peace, I have received this year from telling God every damn thing.

Feeling: grateful.

Love and Cheers

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