You've been asking yourself questions on how to do more beyond what you currently have.

I definitely know something about you.

You want to make a change in your life right now and you know having a profitable personal brand that creates massive impact is key. 

I also know that you want to step into your position of self awareness, influence and opportunities. 

Wait… Does this sound like you?

You are an entrepreneur who wants to drive a bigger change by building a personal brand. 

You want to stand out in the workplace or the marketplace, communicate effectively and have people listen to what you have to say.

You are too good at what you do but no one or few people recognize that. You want to build a community of loyal listeners who will be impacted by your message.

You want to build a legacy and be remembered for your contributions to humanity.

You want to be seen for who you truly are – the unique, skilled and knowledge filled you.

You see people looking glamorous, collecting awards for their hard work and you know you deserve it too.

You have a message and you need a platform to bare it all out. "I must die empty!" you say.

You have invested years of experience doing what you do and now, you know it's time to pour yourself out.

You want to make money selling your knowledge and packaging your years of experience into a product.

You really want a personal brand that is known and profitable but

You have no idea how to get started

You are worried and scared about putting yourself out there

You are not sure what to establish authority on because of multiple interests

You need help with your online business and tools to drive it.

You are not sure how to package your years of experience as a product

You are busy and don't want a cumbersome process



⁃ I am shy

⁃ I am not good enough

⁃ No one will listen to me

⁃ People are already doing what I want to do

⁃ I'm multi-talented. I don't know which of my skills to focus on

⁃ I don't have what it takes

⁃ I'm too busy

⁃ I'm a corporate person. This is not for me

⁃ I don't know how to build a personal brand

⁃ I don't know where to start from

If this is you, I can help you

I have been working with entrepreneurs, service providers and corporate executives like you to build a personal brand that will open doors of opportunities to them. My clients have gone ahead to create powerful brands and tribes that they impact with their gifts.
Now, I have become proficient in the art of building personal brands, re-branding, creating and selling digital products, setting up an online business, community building and I sure know how to help you navigate all the techy stuff that seem overwhelming.
Working with my proven system has helped me to
  • Get speaking engagements locally and internationally
  • Create products and experiences that my clients are happy to pay for
  • Impact people in different parts of the world
  • Get media recognition
  • Build a media business that I absolutely love
  • Live the life I want including traveling and having time for my loved ones
  • Be in charge of my time
  • Connect and collaborate with credible thought leaders in the industry
  • Opened me to more opportunities across various industries

Building my personal brand has not only changed my business but my life as well.

My Proven SWITCH ON System Has Helped Me To BUILD An Internationally Recognized Personal Brand, Create Experiences That My Clients Are Glad To Pay For And Be Known As The Go To Person In My Industry.

This is what I want to help you achieve in the SWITCH ON PROGRAM

Why Should You Believe In This Program?

It’s been my life’s journey since 2011 building businesses. My ONE formulae has always been to get known and that way it will be easy to get my business in people’s faces. 

The biggest mistake I made was doing too many things that I was called a “hustler”. I thought it was a good thing. I later figured I wanted to build an experience that will help individuals reach their life’s goals.

I started rebranding and implementing all the necessary strategies necessary to be seen in a new light. This took me about 9 years to figure out and today, I have successfully built a digital media and PR agency for personal brands.

This has earned me different opportunities that I am so proud and thankful for. It has gotten me media features that has boosted my brand value and even business on various platforms like Bella Naija, SMW Accra, Classic FM, African Magic Igbo, Presidential Hustle UK, She Leads Africa, Leading Ladies Africa and so much more.

This is a proven system that can skyrocket your personal brand

  • even if you are just starting out
  • even if you are not techy
  • even if you have various experiences
  • even if you have no clue what product to create

What Will You Get Out Of This Program

Full digital media strategy 

Full branding road map

Product creation and delivery

Media features

Reputation management

Personal brand evaluation 

Finding and crafting your story   

PR strategies

Digital tools you need to make your work easier

and so much more.

How Will This Program Run?

a group coaching program        

weekly Q/A        

accountability group      

continuous access to the learning portal       

access to a community of highfliers like you       

Downloadable resources       

3 expert conversations on sales, marketing and networking

Results You Can Expect


After the experience you would have a solid brand, an attraction strategy, an archetype to match and a powerhouse positioning that helps attracts the right quality clients, profitable partnerships and news worthy features.

You will work with us to create your powerful products, design offers with it and leverage those offers for profitability. We would also provide you the strategic know-how to sell those offers, over and over and over again.

We have one goal in the Switch On Program. Our goal is to help you become a high level brand that people will love to associate with. With the Switch On Program, you don’t have to go purchasing numerous courses on personal branding, product creation and digital media.

It’s a FULL SUITE course that embodies all you need to get started and set your self apart in the next 3 months. It is an opportunity to switch on all the possibilities around you and we have carefully curated the Switch On experience to help you become just that.

We have a reputation of serving everyone inside the experience. You will not get lost in the mix or be just another person. You will get personalized attention and accountability to help you implement all that you learn inside Switch On through our unique approach.

What Past Highfliers Have To Say

Joy’s coaching program helped me to come out of my unyielding anti-social media paradigm to someone who uses digital tools to leverage my work and my brand. I currently run a number of programs online and this would not have been possible but for the tools and knowledge gained during the program.

Despite my busy schedule and my resistance to “put myself out there” I liked her gentle, humorous but firm way of ensuring that I followed through to build a deliberate personal brand and gradually become comfortable with the personal branding tools. I love the post-program support and the many ways she leverages on her resources to help grow my brand. I would recommend the program to anyone who is serious about building a personal brand.



“The Switch On program was the fire I needed to ignite my personal brand. My confidence has blown up to over a hundred and I'm so grateful for the digital tools she shared to make the journey easy. I am switched on!”



My personal brand has opened doors of opportunities for me and it can for you too. From an international speaker, to being an author, being interviewed on various traditional and online media platforms, creation and sales of digtial products, connecting with leaders in various industries, being recognised with awards and so much more.


  • This program is for Entrepreneurs, Service Providers (coaches, consultants, speakers, authors), Corporate executives who want to build a reputable personal brand and a profitable online business around what they do. Individuals have been known to 10x their sales when they make an offer using their personal brands.

  • It is also for you if you have at least 2 years experience in your field of expertise.

  • You are ready to invest to shorten the learning curve and get the results you want.

  • You want to be known for what you do

  • You want to leverage the opportunities that exist in their Industry 

  • You are tired of being just the other person when you can actually BE more.

How Long Is This Program?

This program lasts for 12 weeks.

What's The Cost Of This Program?

This is a group coaching program and your investment is $395

This program is currently closed!!!

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