Should I Be A Social Media Manager Or Should I Focus On A Niche?

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I read someone’s comment on Facebook where she said the job of being a social media manager can be too tasking. I totally agree. It looks glamorous because of the fact that you can work from home and to a great extent you decide how much you want to earn.

But do you really have to be the “social media manager”? It pays to be one because you open yourself up to more opportunities and you get to learn more skills. But let’s just say you can’t handle them all. The good thing is you can further niche down your area of expertise. They are but not limited to:

1) Virtual assistant
2) Funnel expert
3) Community manager
4) Instagram manager
5) Facebook manager
6) Facebook ad expert
7) Email marketing manager
8) Website manager
9) Social media graphics designer
10) Content creator

This has its advantage and its disadvantage. The advantage is that those who want your particular kind of service will find you easily and you fast become an expert on that topic. The disadvantage is that you cut off opportunities especially as regards earning and restrict yourself from learning other skills or aspects of social media management. So, I strongly advise that you upgrade your skill and knowledge.

Some of the jobs listed above may not earn as much as others but it is a good place to start. If you are working on your skill, it is best you start with a niche, keep learning others and upgrade your services and title.

Looking at the jobs above, which one would you rather focus on or get started with? Or do you intend becoming a social media manager?

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