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How will you feel if you owned a blog that earned you about N250,000 per month or even more?
How will you feel if all you had to do was just write fantastically, seduce your readers and have them pay you for what you do?
How will you feel if all you just needed was to work from home and stay away from the scorching sun, frustrating traffic, and so much tiredness?
How will you feel if the world stopped for a second to read your thoughts?


Being a blogger is one of the best things that happened to me because it launched me into being heard and seen.

It is the simplest way to launch as an authority. However, so many don’t know this!
Let’s take a look at some blogs:
Linda Ikeji doesn’t have a product for sale but makes more than 1 million Naira daily!
Bella Naija doesn’t sell any product but makes more than 1 million Naira daily.
360nobs doesn’t sell any product but makes more than 3 million monthly!
I can go and on. So, imagine if they created products and sold to their audience, it will rain money!!!!

My fashion and modeling business failed in 2013 and I was really devastated. I was broke and had nothing to start all over with. I went for my National Youth Service in 2014 and thankfully we were being paid N19,800 as monthly allowance. I was looking for ways to invest that money when a friend told me about blogging. It was the easiest way to launch truly.
I did my research and it felt good. However, I kept on spending my N19,800 and wasn’t earning quickly. All I kept doing was trial and error. No impact. No money. Loads of mistakes.
I didn’t give up. I kept on doing my thing (blogging, researches, trial and error) until 2015. I realized all I was doing wrong and started making things right. It was another aha moment that changed my life. My impact was felt and my influence started growing. It was too good to be true.

Since my launch as a blogger, I have enjoyed……. Click here to read more.

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