Product In 30

Are you a purposeful individual who wants to establish thought leadership? Are you looking for ways to express your message, build influence and be visible? Do you want to be perceived as an expert and be rewarded for doing what you love? Do you have a result you want to help peoeple achieve?

I know it’s painful to be good at something and yet not even an ant knows you or your skill.

Joy Eneghalu

I’m here to help you package your skills and take the necessary steps you need to shake the world.

This month at ‘Product in 30’, we will be focusing on


Why you need to write one right now!!!

Give you unbelievable credibility
Receive exposure from your book
Attain instant expert status
Be paid more to show expertise
Open you to more opportunities
Another source of income
A perfect complement to your current business

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No super man skills required, you only need to bring your raw knowledge and we’ll have it refined!

During the 30 days program, you will

  • have your book idea
  • have a super writing plan that fits with your schedule
  • have accountability to ensure you launch in 30 days
  • develop a marketing plan
  • write, design and edit your book with badass digital tools
  • be an author with another income stream and established thought leadership!

Why the heck should you work with me?

My name is Joy Eneghalu and I am, well, digital media crazy and your tutor for this class.

Joy Eneghalu

Written over 3 books

Responsible for some of the stunning websites on the internet

Spoken on groundbreaking stages including SMW Accra

Interviewed on radio & TV; featured on Bella Naija, SheLeadsAfrica, Presidential Hustle UK

Capable of helping you build your digital assets and a loving community. Looking for proof? Look at me now!

For N20,000, you can join ‘Product In 30’ by clicking the button below and join the league of extraordinaries!

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