Ready To Start Getting Noticed, Get Consistent Leads And Be Seen As The Expert That You Are?

Get The Help You Need To Build Your Platforms And Launch Your Personal Brand Online, Get Attention And Position Yourself As The Go To Expert.

Let me tell you a personal story of how I went from being a model instructor to being a full time digital media consultant, building my own platforms and dominating my space.

In 2015, I was leaving NYSC as that girl who wanted to go and conquer the model world. Little did I know the universe had a different plan for me. I returned to Lagos Nigeria and realised that things were a bit different. I had learnt blogging, website design but had no clue what to do with them.

So, coming to Lagos, I noticed content creation and website design were the buzz words. I got a website design job but since I wasn’t firm yet, I became a middle man. I got the job and took a percentage. At a point, I asked myself if that was truly the life I wanted to live. So I started learning, took the next job and literally learnt on it.

One morning, I got the idea to structure this thing to a media company or agency. I had no clue where to start from. But I started where I could.

I made a list of the things I needed to do to start talking about my brand online and voila, it was a lot!

Now, I didn’t have all the money but I had the time to learn and do these things for myself.

In business we say, if you don’t have the time, you better have the money. If you don’t have the money, you better have the time.

So I went on a spree to learn these skills to help boost my personal brand.

Imagine having the skill to build your platforms, generate leads and income for your business.

Imagine being able to single-handedly turn your business around and increase your influence.

Imagine having the exact blueprint I used to build my personal brand to what it is.

What if I told you you could setup these platforms with less than N20,000 in one week!

Before you exclaim, “that’s impossible!”, it is…

During the pandemic, while others kept screaming about how there was no business, I was really doing good for myself. People were looking for leaders they’d turn to, what to learn and what to do. I had over 10 trainings done and I was paid beautifully for it.

One major reason personal brands fail is because they are not really in touch with their customers. People keep searching for what you talk about but you are not even rightly positioned to be seen.

You also don’t relate with your customers in ways they’d appreciate. They search but they can't find you.

Through my platform domination system, I discovered how you can stand above the noise, build your platform, reach your target audience and build a community that loves what you do and are glad to pay you for it.

It took me years to learn how to build these platforms and you can learn how to do these for yourself.

My secret? I discovered how to hack attention by building an online presence and dominate with platforms that have valuable content.


You will be able to

* Constantly generate high quality leads for your business

* Build a presence that is very visible

* Open yourself to opportunities

* Easily be seen as the go to person for what you do.

* Collaborate with credible leaders like you.

You will no longer have to

* Hope and pray customers find you and purchase your product.

* Stare at the other people as they create and dominate their online game.

* Be seen as an option when you are the real deal.

* Suffer the gut-wrenching indignity of an empty bank account

Let's see what it will cost you to set these platforms up if you outsource it

Platform Domination Workshop



Website Design


Email Platform


Lead Magnet


Content Calendar


Media Kit


Video Creation


Graphics Design


Social Media Marketing





Introducing Platform Domination Workshop

Here's Exactly What You Get When You Enroll Today

1. Set up your one page website

2. Start and publish your podcast

3. Set up your mailing platform

4. Create your lead magnet

5. Content idea bank for personal brands

6. Content calendar template

7. Build your media kit

8. Video creation strategy

9. Set up your YouTube channel

10. Simple graphics design

11.Social media marketing for personal brands

But that’s not all!!!

You will be getting mouth watering BONUSES once you enroll in this program!

WOW!!! It’s so detailed! How long would it take me to go through all of these?

You may be thinking at this moment this is a LOAD of information. You’re right. It is. The Platform Domination Workshop is more of a Bootcamp than a course because I will be going live for 7 days to show you how to do all of these. If you miss any day, you have no course to worry – the replay will be available.

Most importantly, you will be part a community where you can learn more from, collaborate and get accountability partners INSTANTLY!

Ready to join me?

You’ve got Two Options



You get access to the program, all bonuses, lifetime access to the videos and instant access to the Platform Domination Community.

DEADLINE: 9th September 2020



You get access to the program, all bonuses, lifetime access to the videos and instant access to the Platform Domination Community.

DEADLINE: 14th September 2020

Classes commence on the 16th of September 2020



Don’t wait! Here’s what people are saying about me

Mrs Seyi Kehinde Peters

Joy’s coaching program helped me to come out of my unyielding anti-social media paradigm to someone who uses digital tools to leverage my work and my brand. I currently run a number of programs online and this would not have been possible but for the tools and knowledge gained during the program.

Despite my busy schedule and my resistance to “put myself out there” I liked her gentle, humorous but firm way of ensuring that I followed through to build a deliberate personal brand and gradually become comfortable with the personal branding tools. I love the post-program support and the many ways she leverages on her resources to help grow my brand. I would recommend the program to anyone who is serious about building a personal brand.

Mrs Seyi Kehinde-Peters
Founder, PAWEN

To be frank with you Joy, if for not for this step, I don't think I would do this. Not that I can't but I will continue to procrastinate. I am eternally grateful. You amazingly got me through this.

William Chukwudi

How is Platform Domination Workshop Different?

This isn’t just another course on digital marketing for personal brands. I’m here to help you make a fast move so your personal brand can shine as it deserves it. I have been able to hack this and you will see how one leads to another to create an exponential result.

Right now, everybody talks about creating a personal brand.

The problem with that is, no one tells you how much time and money it will cost you. Also, there is no clarity on what to do or what next to do. Like I always tell my students, do what they do and not what they say but then, not everyone understands it. That’s why I want to take you by the hand to make a powerful statement online.

Who is Platform Domination Workshop For?

You are a thought leader and you’re ready to take your personal brand to the next level with digital platforms.

You are a speaker, author, coach, consultant, creative with clear knowledge about what your personal brand is about and you ready to experience an exponential growth. You need step-by-step guidance on how to build these digital assets because you know you cannot afford to pay so much money outsourcing it.

You have the time and you are ready to learn because you know the fastest way to get results is to get help from a professional who has already done what you want to do with amazing results. You are able to dedicate at least 2 hours a day. I provide you everything you need from step-by-step tutorials to strategies and resources that you’ll need, but you still need to put in the work at the end of the day.

Are you able to invest at least 7 hours a week to complete the modules and start implementing everything you’ve learnt? If you are, you’re a great fit for Platform Domination Workshop.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been building your personal brand, you’ll still have tons to learn from the Platform Domination Workshop.

So If you’re tired of jumping from one freelancer to another, spending so much money learning and building these platforms, I’ve got good news! Platform Domination Workshop would be PERFECT for you.

This is not for you if

You love to procrastinate. I’m looking for personal brands and thought leaders who are action-takers, who do not keep second-guessing themselves and can make decisions that will serve and help them. You need to be an action-taker if you want to achieve anything in life and building your personal brand and dominating the online space is one of them.

– You are looking for the next shiny object to try out. If this is you, you would end up taking this program and letting it sit on the shelf. While others are taking the program and using it to build influence and income, it sits collecting dust while you continue searching for the next marketing gimmick to make money online. I would rather you don’t buy my program at all!

– You expect to get instant results without putting in the work. It is just not possible for you to magically start making millions without putting in ANY work. For every successful personal brand out there, there are tons that got cut off because they were not doing the work. If you would give up after trying to put your brand out there a few times, this program is definitely not for you.

I can say that with 100% confidence because I know that the fastest and most effective way to launch your personal brand and build your platform is to get my program.

Get Instant Access To Platform Domination Workshop

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Who's behind Platform Domination Workshop?

Hello! My name is Joy Eneghalu and Platform Domination Workshop is a carefully designed program to help personal brands launch their expertise and be the go to expert.

Here’s more about me and why I'm qualified to help you take your platform domination to the next level

* Digital Media Consultant at Bcon Experience

* Currently serving as head of media with two startups.

* Worked with personal brands where I’ve helped them launch their expertise. These personal brands have gone on to live their best life doing what they love.

* Created various digital products that has made over 1.5 million Naira

Some fun facts: I’m a christian and the first of 5 children. In my spare time, I enjoy movies, music and walking. My go-to food is fufu with well cooked native soup. My mum knows how to spoil me when it comes to that.

I have helped tons of clients and students in the last 4 years, and I know that my system works. But what if you feel the program is not right for you? Well, you are protected by my 30 days money-back guarantee. I only have one condition. Simply follow all the lessons and implement ..If you can show you did all the work with no results…just let me know and I would happily refund every penny you paid for the program.

This is a very practical and detailed program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Do I Need To Do This?

In 10 days! Take out 10 days starting from the 16th of September.

How Will The Program Be Delivered? 

It is going to be a live class. You will watch me create these platforms and you will be expected to create yours.

Will I Receive Support If I Need It?

Definitely. That's why the Platform Domination Community was created. Beyond receiving support, it gives you room to collaborate with fellow participants and also learn from them too.

Will This Work For Me?

As long as you are a personal brand looking to be visible, you need to BUILD AND OWN YOUR OWN PLATFORMS and that is exactly what the PLATFORM DOMINATION WORKSHOP is all about.

I Am Not A Techie. Will This Work For Me?

If you are not a techie or don't have money to pay to learn all these or outsource it, then you should be swiping your card to join this program immediately.

How Do I Join The Platform Domination Community?

Simply join the program and you gain instant access to the community. The community is on Telegram so make sure you have the telegram app installed on your phone or laptop.