One Trap You Should Avoid As A Social Media Manager

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There are lots of mistakes I made when I became a social media manager which is why my students are privileged not to make those mistakes.

But of all mistakes, there is one you should never make! That mistake is the mistake of promising your clients sales. NEVER!

Your job as a social media manager is to create engaging content, monitor, analyse, post consistently, maintain the brand voice, follow up.

Your job doesn’t entail dipping your hands into the pockets of followers. Sales is a good end result but it isn’t in your place to promise that. Instead, promise good content and a great strategy.

This was one of the things I had to learn. Before you ever touch a page, understand the goal, the ideal customer, understand the niche, see content history, have a conversation with the business owner if you need clarification, study previous ad strategies they may have used and design a content plan.

Your content should be geared towards increasing brand awareness, boosting influence, encouraging collaborations, getting leads. This depends on the brand.

Just as every other thing, getting your brand in the faces of people takes time. You should let your client(s) know that. Do you know you can be doing a good job and your client may be killing your efforts? Bad customer service, delay in delivery, tampering with the page, responding rudely, not being available to attend to customers and a whole lot more.

In SMF, various documents to protect your interest from getting clients to firing clients are available to guide our students accordingly.

Asides being a communication student, watching adverts on TV and YouTube, listening to ads on radio, studying ads on social media, watching cartoons, research, stories, life experiences, books, images/arts and studying collaborations/giveaways has helped my creative juice a lot and can help you too especially with content.

Just figure out what works for you. You’ll be shocked that it may be a scene in a movie or a music video that will spark an idea.

However, if your agreement contains DM and Comment management, it means the follow-up and alerting the client falls on you.

My point here is no matter the agreement between you and the client, talk more about the goal, running ads, content plan, strategy. These are things that bring beauty to your work and if implemented appropriately, will yield results. Avoid promising sales no matter the desperation. It is a trap that will clip and hurt you.

What goals are you currently helping your client(s) to achieve on social media?

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