How Much You Can Earn As A Social Media Manager

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How much can you earn as a social media manager?

This is one very sensitive question as regards social media management because people like to hear that they can earn one million naira per month. It is very possible to earn that much as a social media manager but you must have developed and positioned yourself to earn that much.

So the best answer to this question is the more value you add to yourself and the more results you get equals the amount you can earn. Don’t think you can charge N800,000 because Lagbaja is doing so. So for those of you who come to my inbox asking how much I charge, you now know why I don’t answer your questions.

As a beginner, you can earn from N15,000 to N30,000 per month.
If you manage 5 clients, that equals N75,000 or N150,000 per month.

This should cover for internet and tools that you’ll be needing to serve your clients.

At the intermediate stage, you can earn from N50,000 to N400,000 per client.
If you manage 5 clients, that equals N250,000 – N2,000,000 per month.

At the expert or agency stage, you can earn from N700,000 and above.
If you manage 5 clients, that equals N3.5 million and above. At this stage, more than just managing pages, there are other extras you will be offering your client.

Now, don’t get too excited about these figures. You should be more concerned about getting results for your client.

Social media management is a highly profitable business that calls for attention and time. You will need to give your clients a good treatment which means serving them with a good online presence.

We started a 100k per month campaign for social media managers and I bet you, it is achievable.

Which level of social media management are you currently in? Beginners, Intermediate or Expert?

How much do you want to earn per month from this job based on your level?

Please be sincere. I just MIGHT be able to help you start earning.

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