How will you like to emerge as an authorithy and a force to reckon with in your field? 

I bet the answer is great! Picture this: 

  • Your voice is finally recognised and respected
  • Your opinion is being sort in your field 
  • You have products that people will love to purchase and study 
  • You finally get to impact lives, earn and take care of those that matter to you
  • You are invited to speak or take part in important events 
  • Your business is growing because people love you and want to be a part of whatever you create

and so much more… 


Emerge is a physical 6 hour session where I dissect the principles of launching your personal brand and show you practical steps on how you can unapologetically increase your influence. This class is open to 20 individuals only. After the session:

  • You will understand your core message 
  • Understand the cores of your personal brand 
  • Learn the necessary digital tools you need for your brand 
  • Learn how to easily create content that people will love
  • Learn how to attract and build a community 
  • Understand platforms and products 


  • Personal photoshoots for your branding 
  • 30 day social media plan that will engage your audience 
  • PR plan that will give you more visibility 
  • 30 day content for your blog, livestreams or podcast 
  • Product creation plan 
PRICE: N20,000
VENUE: Lagos, Nigeria


Pay the sum of N20,000 into 


Creative iMAN


After registration, send a mail to with subject as EMERGE. Full details of the event will be sent to you.

I look forward to helping you break barriers and transform your personal brand.