Bundle Your Solution

“I can't believe that I've been struggling to put my thoughts together for weeks and by taking this program, clarity fell on me. ”


“The smart work and the accountability in this program really helped me. The program is like using one stone to kill two birds. I now have an online course that is well automated. ”



The first time I ever made money from a product, I jumped so high that my head would have been stuck in the ceiling. Okay, that was too much exaggeration or the effect of cartoons but you get my point.

It was an ebook – my first book called The Business of Social Media Management. I had made money from services like social media management and the likes but digital products seemed even more cool.

But that phase passed and for a while, I struggled with the right products to create. I was uber confused. I studied and explored all forms of digital products especially since I was looking to scale. But that led me to exhaustion. I got tired and had no clue how to go about creating a coaching program for people who needed my attention.

So many people say you can create different digital products which in fact is the truth. For example, you can

– Create an ebook

– Create a webinar

– Create a worksheet

– Create templates

– Create an online course

– Create an audio program

And so much more. But the question remains, how long and how much do you have to sell a $19 product before you make the money you want? How about creating something that allows you time for yourself and your loved ones? How about something predictable that even gets people signed up even before you open up?


These two delivery styles literally changed my work system. While I see people use them to create different solutions, I use them to maximize my time, effort and earnings. I've found that this method works. You do it once and it remains evergreen. You don’t have to bother about confusions and spending so much time trying to figure things out. That’s why I created the BUNDLE YOUR SOLUTION PROGRAM.

Don't get me wrong. Other digital products are good but I consider them the perfect meal to serve your newbie audience.

What Will You Learn In This Program?

  • How to create a solution for your audience based on your own experience and not copying anyone (that's how you earn trust and money)
  • How to develop a stress free process of delivering your solution
  • How to create a structure and template that works for your program
  • Payment systems you need to have in place
  • Digital tools and assets you need to have in place
  • Necessary automation you need to set up an evergreen solution
  • Marketing plans you need to set up to earn consistently.
  • How to sell your solution to your audience

You will also get my templates and worksheets I use to work with my premium clients.

Our core focus in the program are COACHING PROGRAMS and ONLINE COURSES. At the end of the program, you'll learn how to use both delivery styles to amplify your solution and even earn more.

Smart work, I tell you! I use this same approach to deliver the three signature programs we have and it's been a walk in the park.

Consider this a situation of using one stone to kill two birds.

At the end of the program, you will learn how to

  • create an online course
  • leverage online courses for your program
  • how to market and sell your courses
  • tools you need to create your course
  • how to name and structure your coaching program
  • how to deliver your coaching Program
  • pricing

Who Is This Program For?

This program is ideal for coaches, entrepreneurs and consultants who want to create a digital product and monetize their knowledge.

How Long Is This Program?

This program lasts for 6 weeks.

What's The Cost Of This Program?

This is a group coaching program and your investment is $300

This program is currently closed.

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