Hi, My name is Joy

... and I am a digital media consultant. I work with individuals to build irresistible personal brands, be visible and profitable using digital media. These personal brands leverage social media to boost your sphere of influence, increase visibility and make a profit. I work with individuals who have a burning message to give the world, people who are seeking the right ways to deliver their God-given gift to the world. My service gives them the platform to stand out and be recognised in their work. Guess what? I can work with you to achieve those goals. Whether you run an online boutique, run a restaurant, manage a hotel, cook delicious foods, edit a digital magazine, photograph newborn babies, or coach other business owners, etc my job is to help you build a strong personal brand that you will be proud of and people will be in love with. Your brand deserves a strong online presence, and that’s what I’ve delivered to dozens of satisfied clients since 2016.


In my years of experience, I have worked with the following types of customer:

  • They have no time for social media because s/he is too busy placing product orders, managing employees, balancing the books, and doing all the nitty-gritty parts of running a business.
  • They work hard seeking new business, making real-world connections, and honing their craft as a creative individual. They need a like-minded individual to create regular content for their website or blog in order to establish themselves as industry leaders.
  • They are a growing business and need someone knowledgeable in social media and content marketing to take over the digital aspect of the brand while they focus on the bigger picture.
  • They have a burning desire to build a brand out of their values.
  • They want to be known and be recognised with the gift and message they have.