6 Extra Skills For Social Media Managers

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I know it is called being a social media manager but asides managing pages, there are other important skills you’ll need to have. I remember getting my first job and I wondered how I was supposed to design. From the fee I was paid then, I couldn’t afford to get a graphics designer to design every day! I also needed to understand numbers to help me make decisions. These 6 extra skills for social media managers outlined here are important skills you will need but they are not limited to:

1) Graphics for social media –

You’ll have to learn how to design breathtaking designs. A tool that I use is Canva. One problem with some social media managers is that some of their designs look ‘canva’. It is one thing to know the tool, it is another to know how to use it absolutely well. This will help with your client’s branding. Dull designs will simply bore your audience. Learn how to make your designs look like it came from an actual graphics designer using Canva.

2) Analytics –

You have to understand data. Your ability to measure your effort will help you know where to improve and what to remove. This is a very important skill and it is critical to your client’s growth.

3) Audit –

You should have the ability to audit a page. You should be able to tell where a page has gone wrong and what they have done right. You should also be able to proffer solutions.

4) Content creation –

This is the queen of skills that you should have. Your content can make or mar you. You should understand which content brings in more engagement, which one bores your audience. This comes from knowing your client’s audience and creating content that will drive engagement.

5) Follow up –

You should know enough about the company or be able to alert someone in the company when enquiries are being made. Some social media managers offer comment and DM management. This can also come as a complimentary service but ensure that you follow up with these enquiries and alert your client.

6) Time management-

This was a huge problem when I started. I would sleep on social media from morning until midnight. But when I learnt how to use my time, it became easy. I figured how many hours I will spend on a client’s job. I got tools to help make the work easy. Social media management isn’t a do or die affair. You just need to know how to allocate time to tasks.

Of the skills mentioned here, which one do you currently possess and which one are you looking to learn?

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