100 days of personal branding

Do you want to be the go-to person in your industry?

You are LIGHT and it's time to stop hiding your genius. You have to shine so bright and make a difference. Give me 6 weeks and I will show you how to build a personal brand that impacts, attracts opportunities, and stays profitable
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Building influence and making impact requires work.


You confused about where to start from

You tried different strategies yet you feel stuck

You are tired of hiding all the amazing gifts you have

You have the urge to show up and let the world know about the genius you are

You are overwhelmed with the loads of information out there

You feel so lonely

You want to work with tried and tested strategies

You are dealing with imposter syndrome

You are damn good at what you do and the world needs to know

You want to monetise your knowledge

You are tired of being a broke personal brand

You need someone to hold you and show you the way

I know how tiring it can be exploring all the strategies, getting no result and not getting seen or recognized.

This is why I created '100days of Personal Branding'

Joy Eneghalu

To radically transform how you are seen or perceived

To help you be visible enough to attract opportunities and impact lives

To help you learn how to create your digital assets

To help you learn how to leverage digital to boost your personal brand

To help you learn what it takes to build an outstanding personal brand without running aound in circles and wearing yourself out

To help you position as an industry leader who should be listened to

To help you turn your knowledge to digital products people can buy

To simplify the entire process of building your brand from start to your on-going journey

All that will be history in a few minutes…


100Days Of Personal Branding

A 100 days intensive program for individuals looking to radically go from unknown to known – thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, business leaders.


Benefits Of 100Days Of Personal Branding


From digital marketing to social media marketing, you will learn easy ways to navigate the digital space to boost your personal brand. You will love this like crazy!


Less talks! More actions! You will see it all building up before your own eyes and you, my friend, will be the builder through the strategies I will show you.


During and after the program, you enjoy peer support in our exclusive community. You will enjoy access to brilliant minds learning, smashing goals and growing with you.


You won't have to do it alone. Access to the community helps you stay encouraged and collaborate with other personal brands.


Building your personal brand requires resources. You will access to digial tools, templates, worksheets and other digital downloads to make your journey easy.


What's a personal brand without visibility? Crickets! You will learn visibility strategies to boost your personal brand and position you as the thought leaders you are.


You'll have interactive weekly sessions with Joy. Consider this a coaching call where you can ask all your questions via live video.


Say hello to the moments when you learn from credible experts in various niches who will teach topics that will help other areas of your business grow.


You get access to video courses, expert sessions and other resources to help you study.

What Will You Learn?

  • Module 1 – Mindset, auditing and creating brand persona

  • Module 2 – Brand positioning and evaluation of brand assets

  • Module 3 – Visibility strategies

  • Module 4 – Digital automation and funnel creation

  • Module 5 – Lead generation and community building

  • Module 6 – Digital product creation and sales

  • Bonus – PR strategies for your personal brand


The time to let your light shine is




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Frequently Asked Questions

We were asked these questions and we thought to share.

Who is 100days of personal branding for? 

The 100days of personal branding  is for you if you are looking to build a personal brand that is known and profitable. It is for individuals who are ready to put in the work and not just wish.

What kind of people are in the program? 

You'll find entrepreneurs, online business owners, coaches consultants and even techies.

Will the 100days of personal branding benefit my business?

Of course, it will. We have results from entrepreneurs and service providers.

I am not active on social media. Will100days of personal branding be ideal for me?

You need to be active on social media. You will definitely learn how to navigate social media for your personal brand without feeling overwhelmed. So, you are in good hands.

How much time do I need to commit?

This is going to be an intensive class. So clear your calendar for 100days to help you focus and achieve your desireable results.

If you have further questions or enquiries, send an email to joy@joyeneghalu.com

100days of personal branding

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