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10 Lessons January Taught Me

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This year kicked off in a not so great way but I refused to pay attention to all of that. The distractions, the disappointments was my own temptation and I refused to fall. I think that sort of helped me because like it’s said, you are what you think of. All that was in my head was the big picture and as I lived through the month (grateful to the Almighty God), I learnt new lessons and I was reminded of some.

1) Step out of your comfort zone:

Hell Ya! There is nothing there. Once you try to do something absolutely good and your body starts to say otherwise, pump your mind to the fullest and dig right into it. You’ve got to take the bull by the horn and go for it!

2) Develop the skill of identifying opportunities:

Saying Yes to something means you are saying No to another thing. This is something I have learnt but it works closely with identifying opportunities too. Sometimes, it isn’t all about the money. That place you may be stepping into may be the platform that will catapult you to your success. This happened to me when someone approached me for a training by Facebook and it is one opportunity I don’t regret.

3) Keep Money aside:

Find the opportunity in the juice: You’ve got bills to pay and you’ve promised yourself no free jobs. I stand with you and totally agree with you. But like my point above, train yourself to deconstruct opportunities and see if it’s totally worth it. Another thing about such decisions is your ability to decide fast and decide well. They are two different things. If you are all about the money, well, let’s just say we wish you luck.

4) Be intentional about everything:

This is one lesson for 2018 that I won’t trade for anything. Being intentional brings peace and avoids you being everywhere. The moment you start seeing yourself taking strategic steps towards a goal, you are winning braaah! All events I went for this year, there was a reason I went asides what I will be taught. It’s crazy when you hear someone say they paid N650,000 for an event just to connect with one person! I know how it feels but it sure damn works(maybe not on the 650k level but believe me I do this well). Being intentional is gold.

5) Work on your personal brand:

If you are reading this, it is my hope that you receive this rhema. I received mine last year and I am not looking back. Now, there is a problem with lots of creative people like you and I. That problem can make or mar us and it is the issue of doing a lot at the same time. Now, can we forget that you run all these things and focus on you? Who are you? What’s your personality like? Are you funny, likeable, daring? Why should I even listen to you? It is easier to push your business by building your personal brand. Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Obidi, Fela Durotoye etc. I bet some of you don’t even know their business names but you know the individuals and you can tell what they do. I bet they have also brought different things to you and you didn’t feel confused. Yea, that’s because they have also established their authority and influence from the beginning. Naturally, because you love them, you won’t question ‘everything’ they bring to you. As long as it’s good for them and they bring it to you, means its just good. This post will take a page but I hope you understand the drift here.

6) Learn to collaborate:

This is another success and influence catapult. Strategies collaboration can bring you influence, opportunities money. Quit playing the lone game.

7) Respect your industry colleagues:

I won’t say much here except that if you go around with a shitty behaviour, cursing trouble, backbiting, stinking attitude, you just won’t last long. No. You won’t.

8) Be humble and genuine:

Be yourself. Be humble but not to a fault. You should love others and love yourself too.

9) If you find yourself at Glory bus stop, don’t stop. Keep moving:

This means, do not let praises get to your head. You must understand that the minute you go low, those same people praising you are the ones who will lash you with unkind words. You need to keep aiming and appreciate the praises but always bear in mind that it is temporary. Don’t live in past glory.

10) Constantly seek to improve yourself:

You will love yourself and the confidence it comes with. It’s just sweet.

These are few good lessons I grabbed in January. Let’s hear your own lessons.

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